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Did for me in one week’s time what another chiropractor could not do in 3 months.

I came to Dr. Whalen in so much pain it was difficult to do anything, I mean sit, stand, lie down, anything. I was only sleeping about 2 hours a night because I could not lie still that long. After my first adjustment I went home nearly pain free and I slept 6 hours that night. After my second adjustment I was feeling so much better I thought I was dreaming and all of this in one week. He did for me in one week’s time what another chiropractor could not do in 3 months.

Signed: H. Thornton

Dr. Whalen is truly the best chiropractor I’ve come across in my entire 56 years.

I’ve been in pretty much constant pain over the last 10-12 years and have avoided seeing chiropractors since one of them put me in worse pain a few years back. Over the last 30 years I have seen more than several dozen chiropractors, with only two or three of them really gifted at what they do.

Recently, due to the increasing neck and back pain, increasing numbness in my fingers and being unable to sleep, I broke down and scheduled a visit with Dr. Whalen after hearing about how good he was. I really did not expect too much, pretty welcoming to accept that I’d have to live my life through in pain. However, I did have a glimmer of hope after hearing about him.

This was one of the best moves I’ve ever made, and after just three visits, I’ve returned to the gym several years after giving up my weight training and kickboxing forever, I thought. I’m sleeping like a baby these nights and am feeling better than I have in over a decade. I’m working out at full bore at the gym once again, even riding a horse for the first time in a decade last weekend, something that I would not have dreamed of doing again just a few weeks ago.

All I can say is WOW! Dr. Whalen is truly the best chiropractor I’ve come across in my entire 56 years, and I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to experience the healing that I’m in the process of personally experiencing. Don’t give up hope like I did, and fear not, for this chiropractor is from my perspective, one matchless, rare and gifted doctor; top shelf, indeed. Go for it and start living again!

Warren C. Smith
UPN Medical Network

Thank you Dr. Whalen for making me feel so much better.

After 3 months with a chiropractor in Texas I was still in pain with my neck, back and hips. After one visit with Dr. Whalen I felt 98% better. Whatever he did worked great. He takes time to explain and educate me on what is going on with my body. I also recommend the Standard Process supplements. I have been on these for 6 months and I feel so much better. Dr. Whalen also promotes this process. I will recommend Dr. Whalen to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Dr. Whalen for making me feel so much better.

Signed: T. Bugher

My blood sugar levels have dropped (diabetic client).

Since I’ve been seeing Dr. John I’m feelings a lot better. When I first came in I was a little skeptical. But after some adjustments & getting to see my X-rays, I could see my back (lower & middle) & neck needed some serious help. I also had some vertigo, imbalance and some dizziness. The vertigo is almost gone along with the dizziness. My balance seems to be improving too. I’m a diabetic also and the supplements that John has been “prescribing” me are working great. My blood sugar levels have dropped by over a hundred points or more. The best glucose levels since I’ve had diabetes 90-130 range depending on how much exercise I get done.

Signed: E. Ahrenholz

I never thought I would find the help but I did.

I want to thank god who showed me Dr. John E. Whalen. He has been the help that I have been looking for years. I’m 70 years old and I have been suffering for years from headaches, neck and back pain. I’ve been taking prescription pain pills until my body couldn’t take it anymore. I suffered day and night with excruciating pain. I have seen a half dozen other chiropractors-none of them could help me. From the first visit with Dr. Whalen I began to feel better. After one month I have less and less pain, I can do more exercise. I can sleep in the night. I will be free from pain all together. I never thought I would find the help but I did.

Signed: M. Rowles

I can do more things thanks to Dr. Whalen.

I want to thank my friend Kay for steering me to Dr. Whalen. He has helped me so much more than other chiropractors I’ve been too and even therapists. I am getting stronger and can do more things thanks to Dr. Whalen.

Signed: C. Phillips

Constant relief from Dr. Whalen.

I’ve had sinus problems since my twenties. The first thing to help after several injuries to my nose was the nasal adjustment. I had been able to stay free of chronic nasal/sinus infections and breathing has feed up. I’ve also had lower back problems for 15 years. My most constant relief has been from Dr. Whalen.

Signed: B. Kimmel

It was amazing!

I visited Dr. Whalen at the behest of my husband because my back had been hurting me terribly and all my primary doctor could do was prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and pain pills. After about a month of this therapy with not much relief I visited Dr. Whalen. He looked at my x-rays, told me I had an extra lumbar vertebrae, (which my Doctor and the Radiologist had missed), and proceeded to give me a treatment. It was amazing!!!!! Within mere minutes I was bending down, flexing, and doing all the things that I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to ever do again without invasive treatment. All I can say is thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I would urge anyone with back/neck pain to see Dr. Whalen. In my books he is incredible!!!!

Signed: C. Housel

What a relief!

2 visits with Dr. John and was I better. I recommend chiropractic treatment to everybody young and old both. For the first time in months I could sleep on my left side. What a relief!

Signed: E. Lawrence

My pain has ceased.

I’m a younger lady, but through my way youthful days I got some injuries. Those injuries affected my back and also neck and jaw. I began to feel an uncomfortable pain in my back but more in my jaw. At first I didn’t know what chiropractic would do for any of those especially my jaw. Sure enough regular appointments and doing my neck exercises helped eliminate my pain in my jaw. Dr. Whalen here at Alpine Cottage helps me and my jaw, neck and back pain cease.

Signed: B. Goldstein

I am grateful for his help and the relief.

I was in so much pain and dysfunction. The shooting pain in my leg from my hip had caused me to give up a few favorite activities. Thanks to Dr. Whalen, who has put me on an action plan to increase my wellness and recovery. I am grateful for his help and the relief.

Signed: C. Hicks

I have lost a total of over 40 pounds.

I came to Dr. Whalen 5 and ½ months ago with a terrible back problem that had recurred through the years. I hated the thought of “cracking bones”, but what a pleasant surprise! My back has steadily improved and feels better than it has in 15 years. Dr. Whalen has suggested diet and various exercises – that, together with going to Positive Changes for their weight program, I have lost a total of over 40 pounds. It’s like a total program for my back problem. Dr. Whalen is gentle and gives you the education information to help improve your health problem. Dr. Whalen and Positive Changes make a great team!

Signed: S. Seely

I have experienced real help.

I would like to highly recommend Dr. John Whalen for his expertise in the field of chiropractic. I have experienced real help and thank the Lord for his gift.

Signed: C. Lynn

I always get relief.

This unit has made an exceptional difference in my chiropractic care. It has made it easier for Dr. Whalen to adjust me which brings me closer to being pain free and which allows an easier range of motion. The traction helps keep my spine aligned. After doing repetition I just “hang” and let the traction work. I can feel small adjustments when I do this. If I have a sore shoulder or neck, I use this unit and it always gives me relief.

Signed: Unknown

It was a miracle.

I hadn’t been in to see Dr. Whalen for 3 weeks and my body was hurting all over. Dr. Whalen adjusted my right hip and pulled my right leg out and it was a miracle. When I walked out of the office, my hips had a nice fluid motion that I didn’t have for a couple of years and my bad foot was positioned forward.

Signed: G. Slota

Numbness went away!

I have MS and I have had for 9 months a numb tingling in just my toes. Felt like a hot pain and restless legs on top of the toe pain. My neuro doc said it was prediabetic. After 9 months my first adjustment and it went away! Even the restless legs. Thank you!

Signed: M. Miller

An enormous blessing to us.

I brought our son, age 6 months, in to Dr. Whalen after hearing that chiropractic could help us with Drew not gaining weight. He had dropped off the growth chart and we were concerned about controlling the very heavy spit up after every meal. After 3 months the spit up has virtually disappeared and his growth has climbed to 8% on the weight chart. This has been an enormous blessing to us. He has also for the first time, started sleeping through the night.

Signed: P. Gracomzzi

I was literally pain free.

This is to let everyone know to try chiropractic! My own story: After having six months of physical therapy and not having any pain relief I decided to try chiropractic care. In just a few short weeks I was literally pain free most days and would highly recommend Dr. Whalen to anyone. I also feel he has helped me a great deal in regards to nutritional information, supplements and dealing with many health- related issues. I am so thankful for the care I have received and plan to continue with the health regimen that has been prescribed for me. With regular chiropractic adjustments and following Dr. Whalen’s knowledgeable health advice I know I can succeed in my quest for optimal health!

Signed: S. Neese

I almost never get sick.

I always feel like a million bucks when I leave. Helps my hearing all the way to the way I walk, and I sleep much better. I almost never get sick. When you feel good your attitude is always good – and people notice that. I recommend that everyone should see a chiropractor once a month if you need one or not.
Trust me!

Signed: T. Johnson

What a Difference! (colon and digestive problems)

Being diagnosed with diverticulitis a year and a half ago, I’ve had many struggles with my colon and digestive system. My last trip to the doctor left me with another round of strong antibiotics. After talking to Dr. Whalen, I decided to give the Super Enzymes a try. What a difference! The discomfort went away and I was actually able to east a decent meal. I would strongly recommend the Super Enzymes to anyone. Having no gallbladder this product has helped me tremendously.

Shirley L.




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